baby red potato soup with bacon

Yah. I know. Soup again.
But I was totally serious when I said earlier that I could live off the stuff once the temps change. And low and behold! *shows you the view from the window* See? Cold. Windy. All the leaves falling to the ground. Rain even. Summer is over and soup season is here. So yes. Another soup post. *beams*

Potato Soup has never been real high on my list of favs because—oh, I dknow—it’s just potatoes, Man. How far can you go? But because of Whole30, it seemed like a good idea to try try again and I came up with something pretty tasty. Like for real. With bacon. And where there is bacon, there is . . . um . . . happiness?
Yes. Let’s go with that.



12 baby red potatoes
1 quart chicken stock
1 teaspoon (or more as needed) Onion Powder
1 teaspoon (or more as needed) salt
1/2 teaspoon (or more as needed) black pepper
1 package bacon
chives for garnish

In a crock out, quarter a dozen baby red potatoes and cover with chicken stock. Add pepper, onion powder, and salt. Set for four hours on high and go do all the rest of the things you would normally do in four hours. Or nap. Napping would be best. When those four hours are up, come back and get ready to blend! I use an immersion blender for this part because I’m all about saving myself dishes to wash. But you can just as easily empty the contents of your crock pot into a traditional blender and whirl away. Add the remaining chicken stock and whirl once more until well-incorporated. Return the contents of the blender to the crock pot and taste. Adjust seasoning accordingly.

Now for bacon. Don’t you just love bacon? Me too.
I searched high and low for a bacon that had been raised antibiotic free, uncurred, sugar free, nitrate free, gluten free, GMO free, all the Frees, and finally found it in this brand:


I would prefer to purchase my bacon from a local supplier but it wasn’t ready yet, so I had to make due. Go ahead and cook the entire package of bacon. This is my favorite method for doing so. And don’t forget to save the grease. That stuff (especially with all the Frees) is liquid gold.
Once the bacon is cooked, let it cool and drain on paper toweling and then crumble and set aside.


Ladle the potato soup into bowls and top with bacon crumbles and diced chives. Serve with a loaf of warm crusty bread, because as long as we are doing potatoes, we may as well continue to carb load.


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